Adventure starts the moment you walk out the door.

More: Booker was rescued from the side of the road in New Mexico with his siblings. He now lives in colorful Colorado with his Mama and Papa, he loves walks, his bunny, running at the park, snuggling in bed with mama and papa, and making new friends! For some reason, Booker has a habit of bringing other dogs out of their shells. Personally I believe that it stems from a fear of them when he first came home. He has befriended several dogs that dislike other dogs and are generally uncomfortable when another canine is present. Booker learned early on, that sitting when a potential new friend is present, and as they approach even lying down, goes a long way when you are trying to introduce yourself. He used to be so scared of every living thing that while outside I taught him to sit if he was scared, it allowed me to get next to him and calmly pet him to show him it was okay. And now he sits out of habit for nearly every dog he sees! It has genuinely shocked me how far Booker has come in the short months he has been apart of our family, and he has taught us so much about resilience and bravery!