Sitting pretty after a swim

More: Boomer is a pure bred American Labrador Retriver. Our vet describes Boomer as a “field” lab. He is stronger, faster and taller than an English lab. At 8 months he weighed 85 pounds. We rescued Boomer in South Carolina (We live in central VA). When we picked him up at 8 months, he had never seen a leash or ridden in a car. He had previously stayed in a crate all day and a tie out at night. He had some very undesirable behaviors.!It was a lonnnngg ride back to VA! Boomer worked for 6 months with an outstanding trainer and is now loved by all. Our eventual goal is for him to be a therapy dog visiting in the hospital . However, he can’t qualify for therapy dog until he’s two years old Boomer rescued us after the loss of our previous lab, Bubba. And we couldn’t be happier!