Boomer with a crab

More: Boomer is our beloved 9-year-old dog, a calm and well-mannered boy who brings endless joy to our lives. He’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s long walks, splashing in the Chesapeake Bay, or boat rides where the wind flaps his adorable ears. Boomer loves chasing after squirrels, rolling in the grass, and basking in the sunshine. His gentle nature makes him the perfect companion for rainy day snuggles, and his loyalty and love are unmatched. Boomer’s boundless energy and playful spirit make every day special, filling our home with laughter and warmth. He listens attentively, always eager to please, and his affectionate demeanor endears him to everyone he meets. From his enthusiastic greetings to his serene presence, Boomer is truly the best dog we’ve ever had.