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Always Engaged

More: Boone aka “Boonie Boy” was named after Daniel Boone. Specifically chosen out of his litter mates, because when the breeder put different color collars on each of the puppies. Boone began trying to take the collar off of each of his brothers and sisters. He hasn’t stopped being helpful since. A true companion through and through. Cautious of strangers, he is always protecting his humans. Don’t let the fact he may not warm up to new people immediately, he’s just busy always being at his owner’s side. You’ll know he loves when he decides to stand on you. Bred specifically to not tip a canoe, he is quite the sturdy stander. Not only is he handsome, he is loquacious as well- letting you know he wants a treat, to go swimming or wants to go chase pheasant scented objects thrown for him. And if you’re not paying attention. Don’t worry Boone is always actively engaged. One summer a preoccupied mother didn’t see her 3 yr old son jump into Boone’s backyard pool. Immediately, Boone jumps into action; sprinting out the dog door, leaping into the pool to save the child. Athletic, handsome (and he knows it), intelligent, eager to please, vigilant and the best companion anyone could ask for.