Hey, Mom! Where's my coffee?

More: Boss the Beagle. Have food? He'll go for it! Left a chair out at the table? That's his ticket TO the table. By the way, he loves peas, apple slices, & pears. Boss is full of energy and loves zoomies. Walking on a leash is a continued work in progress, which is slowly progressing. He spends the first 75-100 yds scooting instead of walking because he's trying to get rid of his harness. He's learned that "sit, stay, & down" results in treats while taking mom or dad's shoes results in his favorite game of "keep away". He's excellent at bringing tree limbs, bark, chunks of wood, into our house, which we are "grateful for" because it's great kindling for the fireplace. Dad has nicknamed him "Crop Duster" ..... apparently Beagle's are some of the gaseous canines on the planet.