Boss Muttly & Rylei Jayne

Lake life Furbabies

More: Boss is one of the sweetest babies, unless you mess with his Mawma! He has one of the most expressive personalities (even huffs appropriately in conversations) that you could imagine! He loves squeaky toys, running for no reason, fetching his “duck” from the lake, jumping into his Daddy’s arms like a baby for kisses, treats, and being silly with his fursister, Rylei. She is our shy, Covid baby so to strangers she seems (& sounds so fierce), but to her little family, she is the sweetest soul. She’s a princess in dress, smiling for a pic one minute then be a silly goose, rolling in the grass/sand in the same minute! She loves hide-&-seek games and tug! She gives Mawma & Daddy “kisses”, listens to demands on her terms, helps her daddy with hard work. More than anything; she loves her Furbubba.