Brèagha (BREE-ah)

Royal Dog of Scotland

More: Brèagha is a delight every day. While bred for hunting deer, deerhounds are fun, fast, faithful, and friendly. “The worthy descendant of a noble ancestry no other dog awakes a vision of armoured knights and ancient tapestried halls as does the Deerhound, whose characteristic far-way expression seems to recall the days of chivalry. His rugged, yet graceful exterior, his air of breeding, and his size, create an impression of beauty which accords well with his romantic history, and many artists have delighted to immortalize him in a setting well suited to his picturesque appearance. A long-established and thriving breed is known to have existed in Scotland—as elsewhere—prior to A.D. 1526. If refuses flatly, however, to emerge from the mists of obscurity prior to this date.” Hutchinson’s Dog Encyclopedia, 1930 This energetic girl eats Purina Pro Plan SS&S every day.