Brandi (a fine girl)& Ringo

On alert!

More: Our dogs insist on a run on the trail. It's a medical miracle that Brandi has the grace and speed that she does.he front paw was almost completely amputated in an accident with her previous owner.she was being kept in a crate most of the time and continually bred.when we met her she was in pitiful shape.we paid for her freedom and take her on the trail as much as possible! Ringo is from a back yard breeder flip dog.he was a shy guy .he was kept in a crate as well.hes not as high energy as Brandi. He doesn't jump off of furniture but melts! He shows his affection by grooming us for fleas! When we crank the 4 wheeler,he turns on the speed and helps Brandi lead us safely on the trail where we enjoy each other,the sounds and smells of being outdoors.Our trail butts up to foothills parkway overlook#2 in Cosby, TN.