Brinkley’s Happy Place

More: Brinkley is a rescue dog, I got him at 2 1/2 months. He has fur-ever changed my life. I haven’t been a friend of dog my whole life. But there was something about Brinkley that I knew he was the one. My previous boss rescued pups and brought this tiny pup to the office. He came into my office one day during a design meeting and he touched my heart. He feel asleep in my arms and when I went to speak about the new fabric for the upcoming season, I was holding him in one hand and pointing to the new colors combos and he lifted his paw up as if he was in agreement. As a puppy he looked more like a panda bear. He is one of the sweetest dogs who loves to herd all the human and fur friends. The outdoors is Brinkley’s favorite place. He loves all his fur friends. Brinkley loves to play with his doggie soccer ⚽️ ball. He’s always the life of the party. Brinkley loves his adventures. Checking out on Instagram at brinkleys.adventures . Thanks for your time.