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“Look what I found!”

More: Every labrador needs a “job” and our Brookie found hers. She spends a part of every day outdoors with us and her favorite pastime is walking the woods and trails on our property each day. Two years ago we began to teach her to find “sheds” by hiding some of the older deer antlers from deer that I had previously harvested, and then encouraging Brookie to find them. Each time, the event ended with lots of praise and of course, a treat or two. For two years, she definitely had the right idea, but brought us “deer parts” such as legs, skulls, hair etc. She knew what she was looking for, but could only find deer parts and didn’t seem to find antlers! By the way, the chance of finding sheds is pretty low. Last winter she brought us the “treasure” included in her photo. Needless to say, this was quite an event for all of us! We will be excited to walk our Michigan property this next year to see if Brookie can find another “treasure”. We always say that if you give a lab a job, be prepared for them to do it with style!