Early dog gets the bird.

More: My smartwatch buzzes quietly, nudging me awake. I roll over to hit snooze and now I’m spooning a 65 lb dog, who is snoring. Next to me, my husband says, “Who’s ready to find some birds?” Our dogs Bruce (7 yo) and Maxine (2 yo) pop up in response. A few yawns and stretches later, we’re all up. Ready to go find some birds. Bruce is a loyal bird dog. He’s the kind of dog who listens intently, whether we’re quartering the field or cooking dinner. Bruce works hard in the field and relaxes even harder at home. He’s been a part of our family since he was three months old. We may have spoiled him early on, allowing him to sleep under the covers but he just knows when you need a snuggle. He nudges his head under your hand for all the pets. He’s truly the best boy.