Here Comes the Sun and I Say, Its Alright... Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes

More: Buck is a happy and fun-loving dog. Buck's mom and dad are proud dog parents and enjoy him as part of the family. Since Buck is an active and healthy boy, he expects his mom and dad to be just as active and healthy as he is. Frisbee and Pickle Ball are a couple of his favorite outdoor activities as well as a time or two getting plenty of exercise honing his innate instincts by herding sheep. But there’s more to Buck than just athleticism. His photo caption gives it away: he attends outdoor concerts, grooving to classic rock and mingling with fellow canines and people. Yet, one of his favorite outings is visiting the Orvis Carmel Indiana store. There, Jason, Cheryl, and Lynn shower him with attention, making him feel like the most important dog in the world. Buck aspires to join the esteemed ranks of the Orvis Canine Hall of Fame—a well-deserved honor for this spirited and sociable pup!