Bucket is a rescue puppy found in Iraq.

More: Bucket was found as a puppy in Iraq by my husband when he was deployed overseas. She got her namesake because in order to come back to the states, she had to get fixed and a bucket was placed on her head to keep her from picking at her stitches. The SPCAI covered all expenses and sent her back to the US for us. Now adays Bucket is the biggest diva - she has no idea how good her life is. She is a picky eater (which is why I started a dog treat company for her called Bucket's Biscuits) who refuses to go outside if its rainy or damp. She is stubborn as a mule and refuses to walk home unless she goes to the beach first and gets a cookie from her favorite neighbors. Bucket is my constant companion and keeps me company while my husband is deployed - I couldn't ask for a better, kinder friend.