Bucky, Finn Michael, Archer

Hangin’ with Uncle Buck and Uncle Archie

More: BuckyBoy and Archie are brothers and two great guys. Bucky is an attention lover who gives the best hugs on command. Archer is a sweet boy who hates when mom or dad are on the talking on phone. He will let you know by barking and barking and barking… which sometimes works out when there’s someone on the other end you wish to not talk to. Finn Michael is a grand-dog who lives with us. He loves his Uncle Archie and Uncle Buck and is DEFINITELY spoiled just like a grandchild. Uncle Buck is his favorite playmate and Uncle Arch is his snuggle buddy when his Momma, Gam-Mom or Pappy aren’t free. Finny Mike also gives the sweetest kisses whenever he is asked. We love our boys!!!!