Floppy ears

More: In rural Louisiana, a white lab pup mix was born on the Second day of Christmas. After a lengthy trip up North, the sickly white lab pup shivered on the shelter’s floor on a rainy and cold March afternoon, its life hanging by a thread. An unexpected journey led us to a shelter in Pennsylvania, where a floppy-eared, brave pup stole our heart. Fate wove its magic as we knew this will turn into an unbreakable bond. Despite plans otherwise, I knew we couldn't leave without this extraordinary companion. Nursed back from the brink, it slept for days, finding solace in gentle hands and cosy sweaters. Buddy got healthy and strong. The pup's heart was as big as its attitude, fearlessly approaching big dogs and even barking at neighbor horses from afar. Today, he’s happily chasing fireflies on summer evenings, adores challenging games, and ocassionally slaps its paw to the ground to express his opinions.