My buddy is a drop off dog, someon dump him off on backroad, and I’m a runner I was running one day and he come running out of a driveway, I thought he was going to bit me instead he jus lay down at my feet and I rub his chest, so I started back my run and he jus ran with me, I was at a 1:50 mile and he finished my 3 mile all the way back to our camper, and stayed the rest of the weekend with us. We were headed back home and he followed my truck out on the Hwy, he almost got hit and my wife and I let him in the truck, took him home with us till the next weekend, we came back to our property, it was time to try to return him back to the house he came from, so we let him out there and left, well I look back and he’s chasing the truck again so we go back and leave a note, explaining how I have him and leave phone number, so we go to the local Walmart and the guy calls. He comes get him, so early that nex morning I go out to have coffee on the front porch, look up and he’s running up the driveway, so my wife calls him back and tells him what I call good news for me, and ask if we could keep him, and he says yes, he jus showed up at his house, but when he came back he had a shock collar on and my wife didn’t like that, I found out this area is a hit spot for people dropping off unwanted pets, so I posted on my running group page and we come up with Buddy, he’s my now best running Buddy, there’s lot mor to this story and how he tunes with me, seems like he was trained to do so, his PB is a 5 mile, so that’s why I don’t know his age or his breed

More: Buddy is a drop off dog, that finished a run with me, and how we got to keep him is a great story, but now he’s the best running partner a man could have he’s like he’s been trained for running, and if I leave my truck door open he will be setting in the seat ready to go