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I love to play frisbee and be outdoors!

More: Cali was bred as a livestock guardian dog and was adopted by her mom, a 70 year old retired Professor. Cali is extremely athletic and protective. She guards her property daily and takes her role seriously. In spite of her strong genes, Cali is able to change roles to being an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) when needed. She can go from guarding bravely to helping her mom with her diabetes and chronic anxiety. Cali is sensitive and smart. She intuitively knows when it is time to get her mom to rest. She also knows when it is time to play and loves an adventure. Sometimes she takes her mom to two parks in one day. She loves sunrise walks, running as fast as she can, and jumping high up in the air to catch a frisbee! She is an exceptional animal and will soon begin her service training to help her mom with glaucoma and vision loss. Cali would be a great cover dog for Orvis as she is athletic, strong, and lives her truly authentic self with a higher purpose! She would represent Orvis well!