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Let it Snow

More: Callie relishes the snow and loved playing in the rain as a pup. Callie loves carrots. I can count on my fingers how many times Callie has barked in her life - the first time was to alert me that a cricket was in the house. She is gentle and intuitive with young and old, and nonconfrontational with other animals. Once when meeting a tiny dog, Callie lay down on the pavement so she would appear to be the same height. On the Christmas Eve when Callie and my adopted daughter first met, somehow Callie knew she would be with us forever. Twelve at the time, my daughter looked so elated to have Callie for her very own. It was an eternal moment. Throughout the difficult, painful times my daughter went through healing from trauma, Callie remained calm, steadfast and loving. Unceasingly patient with my physical disability, I rely on Callie's placid and contented demeanor. She is a devoted and beloved companion whom God has used to complete our home and family.