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Wonder what else is in those packages under that tree?

More: She is incredibly fast, has the best personality of any dog we have ever had, can jump straight up higher than we have ever seen a dog jump vertically, is wonderfully loving and playful and neighbors always comment what a great, beautiful dog she is. She loves to steal socks and havre us chase her around the house. The socks have to be previously worn though! And when my wife comes home from grocery shopping we ask if she wants to go shopping too and drop a paper bag on the floor, she grasps it very slowly and softly in her teeth and off she goes tail curled high up in the air while I chase her around the house. She is so proud. She loves car rides and if we have to leave her home she will sit on the stairs with a long window in front facing the drive out so she can say “see you soon, thought they would never leave. Now I can get some rest”