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One of the few times Cam volunteered for her turn behind the wheel.

More: My husband and I got Cam as a puppy from the Nashville Humane Society in 2016. We didn't need a second dog, but she was in a kennel by herself and I couldn't resist. I am a travel PT, and Cam and her older sister, Morgan, have traversed the country multiple times with us in our RV. They have played in both oceans and visited Glacier NP, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore, among many other beautiful sites in the US. Cam reminds me of a Sour Patch Kid - sweet and cuddly most of the time, but has a mischievous streak that sometimes lands her in "puppy jail" or "PCP" (puppy concussion protocol.) When she was little, she wrecked her dirtbike (at least that's her story) and needed stitches in her chin. She loves to play fetch, especially with her blue and orange ball, and hates anything loud, including thunder, fireworks, and the garbage man. Cam also has her own Broadway show, "Just Cam," where she sings her own hits for three hours. She wants to be an Orvis Cover Dog to drive up her ticket sales. :)