BOOP snow cone

More: Campbell started his life as a stray and was found in Kentucky around 3 years old. He spent the next 1.5 years on a military base in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and needed to be rehomed due to his owner being deployed. He came to us terrified of the world, the smallest sound would make him cower down and hide, the slightest motion made him fear for his life. He didn’t even want to take a step outside for the first few weeks. He immediately pulled back to go inside and hide. He came with the name Cooper but didn’t know that at all which lead us to changing his name to represent part of his life, Campbell. He has grown to become such an incredible family dog, cuddles with everyone, entertains his 2 moms and his 4 siblings. He has overcome the fear of noise, movement and the outside world is his favorite place playing ball.