Cannoli Krzyzewski

I’m comfy~ are you comfy?

More: Cannoli brings us great joy~ ! Honestly, life has been so difficult that I had forgotten that I was capable of receiving and delivering so much love. My husband had a life altering fall in July 2018. He has had 7 surgeries to date and is unable to work. My Mom died in September 2018-and my brother in law died suddenly in July 2019. Life has been dark grey-and then we went into lockdown. Cannoli has brought joy, excitement, activity and comfort to our family since her arrival in August 2020. I didn’t know I could feel anything other than my grief -until they handed her little 3.5 lb. furry & scrawny self to me and love flooded my heart.I felt every vertebrae in her spine as she curled up on my chest and I knew that healing began. I’m thankful for her every single day. 💗