Captain Marvel

I know I'm Handsome

More: Captain Marvel is a rescue. He was found Feb 7, 2016, having been shot through both front legs. He was badly hurt and had been laying out in the woods for a couple of days. The 2 men who found him wanted to get help for him so they put him in their truck and starting Looking for help. Eventually he got hold of a member of our rescue team who called me. As badly hurt as he was, he only wagged his tail and licked our faces. His story is amazing although his recovery was hard. He lost his left leg and had to have several surgeries on his right, but through it all he loved people and knew that we all were trying to help him. He was with us for 9 months and was adopted by a wonderful man in Nov of 2016. he now lives about 20 minutes south of us and my sister and I are his "grandma's". We see him often