Banks of the Bay on my Birthday

More: Almost 15 years... fifteen years running through this life together with adventure and grace! FIFTEEN! She is my pink between blue. (two boy humans) My adult years, half my life. We lost, we gained, we still cry, we laugh, we hug and we love, we love unconditionally. She is my unconditional. Every bark, every milestone, every heartache, every single move (3 states, 9 homes)and every mile traveled... at our best, at our worst. In her early years, she taught me how to take care of myself and helped me to learn life's most rewarding responsibilities. Today… she's got the spunk of a pup, may enjoy a brisk walk instead of a long run, prefers to eat a stick instead of jumping for one and is a bit more stubborn in her old lady age; 'oh but her love, it will never, ever grow old.' ❤ We can’t wait for more dog bones, vanilla ice cream and another pink candle to celebrate that 1-5!!