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For a dog who never liked water, he sure did have a great time.

More: In my mind I classify Carter as a rescue. I got him at 18 years old when no shelter would let me adopt due to my age. I picked him up as a sickly 9 week old puppy who had fleas, and ear infection, and stomach problems. The first thing I asked the seller when I saw him shaking on the front entryway steps to their house was “is he always this scared?” To which she responded with “no, he’s just never been outside before.” I wanted a confident, brave dog who could help pull me out of my mental health struggles. But seeing him that scared on the steps of struggling family in a bad neighborhood I knew I couldn’t leave him. Carters middle name is Hope because despite all of his setbacks, he never ceases to amaze me. He might be afraid of a lot of different things, but he’s overcome even more. He inspires me everyday to push forward, fight hard, and hold onto the Hope that everything will be okay. I couldn’t have asked for a better emotional support animal.