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Charis (pronounced: KARE-iss)

A Water Dog's Heaven

More: I lost my soul dog after 14 1/2 wonderful years. Though her loss was devastating my husband and I had a lot of love and a happy home to give to another dog so we started our search. We got wind of a 3 month old pup who was being discarded by her owner. The pup had a misshapen head with a large swollen knot on top. We weren't sure if it was a tumor or abuse but when we saw the picture of her we instantly fell in love and knew we had to give this pup a better life and get her some proper medical care. Adopting her was one of the best things we ever did. Her little heart is as golden as her golden hair. We have been privileged to give her the life she deserves full of comfort, adventure and tons of love. We are glad to say that she has fully recovered from her head trauma and is now perfectly healthy and happy.