hiking our local coastal trails on a cool, rainy day

More: this pup had a rough start in life, but has come a long way. december 2016, charlie was found by san francisco pd, sitting on a concrete slab, with no food, emaciated, scared, and left out without any shelter from the recent storms of a particularly turbulent winter. when he saw the two officers, he was timid & cautious. but as soon as one of the officers gave him a reassuring pat on the head, the pup knew he was safe and didn't leave their side. the pup to the san francisco animal care and control to be evaluated by the staff & the veterinarian. the acc staff immediately showered the pup with love & got to work in coming up with a plan to get him healthy...but the pup was in critical condition. his growth was stunted from being malnourished, he had bad diarrhea due to a giardia, a cold, and was stressed at the shelter after just a couple days. he was found at 19lbs - at approximately 7 months old, went up to 24lbs with acc, but wouldn't gain additional weight. after speaking to the vet, she advised that the pup had a better chance of getting healthy away from the stressful shelter environment. on, january 9th, 2017 the pup came home. we named him charlie. even though charlie was sick, he happily adjusted to his new home & had quite the appetite! for the first two weeks, he was gaining a pound and a half a day! we worked hard to get him healthy. the entire time, he was a wiggly, loving pup. he is so sweet & easy going. charlie has brought us many laughs & fun.