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Golden Boy at Golden Hour

More: To know Charlie, is to love him. Not only is he the most loyal, loving, good boy, he is also the most brave fighter I know. At 13 1/2 years old, Charlie is currently fighting 2 forms of cancer (metastatic melanoma and anal carcinoma) While undergoing treatments, he has continued to be the spunky, fun-loving, adventurous, angel on earth, that all love. While his prognosis was not good, he continues to beat the odds and handles it with grace. Charlie is a foodie, he loves grouse and pheasant hunting with his mom, fishing, swimming, jeep rides in *HIS* Jeep, with his golden locks blowing in the air. Charlie has a doodle sister, Ellie, that he loves to tease with squeak squeaks and so gently tolerates her antics. We entered this contest to support the cause, raising awareness and funds for further cancer research so that future Charlie's don't need to endure the battle that canine cancer brings. I have given him the best treatments possible, and still we are losing this battle. Please continue to support organizations that are doing the research, because it is amazing the progress they are making!