Charlie aka Charles also known as buttons, mandarin orange slices, and bigs to name a fee

Just another hike in the woods

More: The most amazing dog ever. My best friend and baby. Loves toys, cuddling, walking, and anything with his people. He also speaks amazing English and knows exactly what I’m telling him, smart guy! He’s sweet and thinks he is tiny even though he’s 100 lbs. He is the best lap dog ever. Once he came home to us we bought a bigger bed so we could all sleep comfortably, he loves to get under the covers and be toasty. He can hear the fridge open for miles. He loves everyone and instinctively knows when someone is struggling or in pain and will stick by their side like glue. I’m so glad he wanted to be part of our lives. This boy saved me and I will spend every minute of the rest of my life giving back to him.