"Say Cheese"

More: Chessie was diagnosed with irregular cancerous inflammatory cells in January 2023. She has had fatty masses along her body for years, but suddenly in a few weeks time, we noticed some of the masses rapidly changing and her overall attitude and health were abnormal-lethargic and just "off". Recently having moved to Alaska, we got the first vet appt we could and were told to act fast with surgery to remove the questionable masses. We decided to fly home to So. Oregon, our home town, where we felt safe and comfortable with a vet we knew and trusted. Chessie had surgery on February 15th and had 5 masses removed, from her shoulder, spine, and rear foot, as well as a inflamed K9 tooth! We got to take her home same day, and even though she was still a little high on anaesthesia, she pulled her toys out of her toy box and demanded play time. Her Orvis memory foam couch bed was her best friend during her healing process and allowed her to get the full rest her body needed to recover. This photo was taken on March 31, less than 2 months after surgery, when we returned with Chessie to Alaska and she got to play on the beach, after a big play in the snowy hills. At almost 13 years old, Chessie is living her best life, now cancer free and ready to take on the world! She truly seems at least 3 years younger, full of energy and determined to live every day to the fullest. Chessie is a remarkable teacher, and amongst so many other things, she has taught us the importance of paying attention, through watching and feeling lumps and bumps, and acting quickly when it comes to recognizing the signs of cancer! We are so grateful to Orvis, a company that is committed to helping dogs live their best lives and loving them as much as they love us! Chessie would be so happy to win this photo contest and a gift card to her favorite store, just look at her smile in the photo!