My Heart

More: We got her as a 6 month old puppy that needed a home. She’s “just a farm dog” but has lived a free leash, kennel, and crate free life. Lives in the house during the cold winters with her buddies Nala and Tess. As a farm dog her job is to keep our farm animals safe from predators. She and watches over the farm and is kind to strangers and loves the UPS man. LOL One of her favorite things to do is follow dad in his tractor during planting and harvesting. She is the first dog I had in over 20 years when I got her so she’s my special girl. Always a sweet dog, respects elder dogs and loves to play with her friends Nala and Tess. A very sweet soul. A blessed senior dog loved her whole life and she has always eaten Purina because that’s the brand we trust and feed all our animals❤️