Chewy Gyrl

Chewy Gyrl just chilling on our double rocker

More: Chewy Gyrl was rescued from our local shelter and was on a kill list. She was only about 9 months old when we rescued her.We had just lost our lil Sheltie to cancer. And saw a picture of Chewy on Our Shelter FBook page and went visit her there. It was love at 1st site. She came out of kennel and laid her head on my lap. She was diagnosed with heart worms. Had to do 3 treatments at $150 a treatment. Wasn’t expecting to spend that kind of money. But we decided to and she is the best doggie ever. Smart doesn’t ,lick and well trained. She absolutely loves my wife. She waits for her every day to come home from work and great her like she hasn’t seen her in weeks with almost like talking to her. All my FBook friends adore her. She has put on many skits . We dress her up on all holiday occasions and actually won a local photo contes with our local courier for Christmas. Chewy Gyrl is the best ever.