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Brooks enjoying a break after running around with the other hounds

More: Brooks is a very special English Foxhound to us and the breed community. He is a lovely hunt bred hound who competes in multiple sports. Brooks is the third English Foxhound to every earn the breed clubs Versatility award. He’s also the first English Foxhound to compete in Fast CAT, making history as the first English Foxhound to ever earn a BCAT, DCAT, and FCAT title. He also has held the fastest English Foxhound designation for the past 3 years and is the fastest lifetime English Foxhound. Brooks has made positive impacts on the breeds reputation by actively competing in Rally and earning compliments from judges on his ability to work and his attention on me. He has helped prove how versatile the breed can be in multiple venues of sports. In addition Brooks also is a great community influence by promoting the breed, the fox hunting community, and purebred dogs. He has gone to the local state legislature house to represent the breed on occasions when legislation was upcoming concerning local hunts. He also has been to many community events promoting purebred dogs and his rare breed. Brooks has also become a resource for the community for finding missing pets by using his tracking ability and training. He has helped find multiple missing dogs in my local area and is always happy to work whenever we need him to. Brooks also assists as an example and distraction dog for the obedience classes I teach at my local kennel club which helps the community have a better understanding of training their dogs.