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When it is pawsitively chilly, Carhart is top dog!

More: Cinder is one of the most unique dogs. From his coat to his personality, it is almost impossible not to fall in head over paw for this handsome guy. You can’t help but want to just bear hug this hunk. There is never a second that he doesn’t spend right by this human’s side. He is such a good listener and is always up for hours and hours of frisbee. He is always ready to defend, protect and cuddle on the sofa after a long hard day. Cinder has become more popular with his owner’s fans that he has started receiving gifts and special treats from fans! Cinder was purchased for $100.00 from a farm. Looking for a good loyal dog to protect and listen. Little did I know, I got so much more. I ended up going through one of the hardest times of my life and Cinder was there. A Man’s best friend is no joke.