Does this hat say humiliation?

More: Cletus brings joy! That's was the tag line I used on his Instagram page (@goldenretriever_cletus) before we even brought him home. We were grieving the loss of our son and dealing with my husband's stage IV cancer diagnosis and we needed something to be happy about. Finding this puppy was fate at work and we brought him home the day before our son's first Heavenly birthday. We were able to wake up on what would have been a very sad day to sweet little fluff ball that needed our attention. He is smart, funny and so loveable. Exactly what we needed! He loves being outside, he is an expert mulcher, he chews sticks like he's getting paid for it, and our leaf blower is always needed to clear all the mulch away. He is an awesome fetcher and plays until your arm is tired. He knows when mom says "ready, set, go" that it's time for zoomies. He enjoys riding on golf carts, swimming in the creek, playing with his "cousins" and greeting visitors with a shoe in his mouth.