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Coco Loco von Fox

Oh Noble Hundt

More: Coco is our family dog, but since I work at home, she sticks to me like velcro and can normally be found under my desk sleeping (or staring at me in the bathroom). She lives to swim and we go to the American River (Sacramento) every evening where she spends 30 to 40 minutes swimming up and down the river in any weather. She is a bit (a lot) strange b/c while she's swimming she's also expressing herself (yapping and yelping) and has become somewhat famous (infamous) for who she is. Also, she is adamant about chasing stones while swimming and gets very heated up, yapping at me, when I stop throwing them. I guess it's all about the journey, because she's obviously never retrieved one after thousands were thrown. While she's definitely a goofball, the picture shows the nobleness of who she is and the breed itself.