More: Comet is a sassy, adorable, athletic dog who simply adores everyone he meets! You should see his little nub wag whenever someone greets him. Everybody who has met this little sucker knows him for flopping over and showing his belly! (He loves belly rubs, if you couldn't already tell)We adopted him with his brother on May 28th from Wisconsin after being born on March 12th. We also own his half uncle, Winston. Comet's name came from the patch-like mark around his ear. He loves to 'model' and he likes to 'drink' coffee-(He just likes the smell of it). He is very good at jumping- through hoops, over sticks, etc. He dislikes baths and not getting attention. In his pastime, he mostly cuddles on the couch or gets muddy in the yard. Comet is just such a little muffin!