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Cookie the Horse Dog

I'll Just Rest My Eyes Instead of Doing That Yardwork I'm Supposed To Help With...

More: Cookie was rescued from a puppy mill, where she'd given birth to four litters of puppies. We were fostering her for a rescue agency and quickly knew we'd all fallen in love with each other. Despite whatever she went through previously, she is sweet, loving, goofy and sometimes hilarious, sensitive and thoughtful. She has also earned the nickname of Boomer because of her magnificently strong bark, which she uses only when she really means business. Also nicknamed The Snout, Cookie uses her nose to express herself, give love, make demands, sniff out her favorite foods such as roasted brussels sprouts and watermelon, and explore the woods, beaches and waters of where we live in Massachusetts. She has a tremendous need for love and gives even more than she asks for.