Living My Best Life

More: Cooper was a laboratory test beagle his early days of life. His laboratory number is tattooed on his right ear. The pups were force fed pesticides, the after effects to be studied. He and 34 other beagles were rescued by the Michigan Humane Society, March 2019. The dogs were rehabilitated, then put up for adoption. These pups were all to be euthanized July 2019, once the study ended. We were selected out of thousands of applicants, and fell in love with this precious beagle that had to learn how to be a dog. He didn’t bark! Our other beagle helped teach him how to be a beagle. Cooper now has 10 acres on a river, with plenty of wildlife to chase after. He enjoys fetching sticks, barking at swans and ducks, chasing squirrels and watching the deer. He went from a timid, nervous boy to a happy-go-lucky dog. He looks at us with gratitude every single day. We feel the same adoration and love for him.