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Loving life

More: Our dog Cooper has recently been diagnosed with TCC a bladder tumor, unfortunately they have only given him 2 months to live but he has progressively worsened in the past month...Cooper has been the most amazing dog to our Family, he is one of us a very loved member of our Family who we are very sad to lose, he’s been loving, caring and protective of my husband, myself and our 4 children who will deeply miss Cooper, my best memory of cooper is the day he jumped up on our couch and just laid his very large head on my abdomen which he never did, but he just laid there for a good while, come to find out maybe a month later I was pregnant with our youngest son, this was the only time Cooper did this, I strongly believe that he knew I was pregnant before we did, he had an intuition and was very protective. We Love Cooper more than you know and we will miss him forever! Cooper you left paw prints on our hearts and for this we will be forever grateful ❤️