Sleeping off the Bird Hunt at the Ranch

More: Copper is a tripawed! We had to remove his back leg after Cancer appeared a second time after scrapping it the first time. He has survived a rattlesnake bite while bird hunting. He has been rattle snake aversion trained but was going so fast through the grass and the wind must have been blowing the wrong way. He is the best dog I have ever owned except, he can open the fridge and help himself to anything….but he leaves the fridge door open! Copper is the best fly fishing companion. He just treads water beside my husband while he wade fishes. He knows to never go in front of my husband when he is working a stream. Copper is so wonderful, my siblings take him on vacation without us! He has had cancer appear again in the last year on a front leg. We scooped it and knock on wood, it hasn’t come back. He is a true love and loyal companion.