Which way to the gym bro... 😆 🤣

More: Copper is a really amazing story. He is a rescue from the Lakeshore Humane Society in Dunkirk, NY. He was an emaciated mess when I got him at appropriately 8mos. Every bone on his body was showing, however his sweet personality shined brightest. Present day He is our official Director of HR at our family winery; Merritt Winery as he greets all the employees and customers on a daily basis!! He's a perfect example of how the Bully Breeds aren't naturally aggressive or dangerous. They are truly a product of their environment. Raise them like kids and they will give back 10 fold what you out in. In fact I'm not really sure who rescued who at this point 😉. #AdoptDontShop #SpankThePittyButt (his favorite)