Cora Star

Happy Go Hiking

More: Cora is short for Coronavirus (had to - she’s a Covid puppy haha) and Star is because she’s from Texas and we got her the week the Boulder Star was lit during the lock down. If you aren’t familiar, the Boulder star brings so much joy to the community it’s every year that the city decided to light it to bring hope and joy during a dark time. That’s what Cora represents to us in our lives! She is an (almost) two year old German Shepard, Husky Pit mix from Texas and was rescued her from Paws on the Ground animal rescue in June 2020 so she’s one of the special COVID puppies. Cora is in training to be a service dog and we hope to use her to provide support to children in hospitals. She’s been through extensive training and listens really well (most of the time 🤣). We are biased but we think she’s the most beautiful girl ever. Cora hikes twice a month with Happy Go Hiking, a dog hiking company in Colorado. She loves being outside and is always down for an adventure!