Every day is the best day!

More: Dante is a 1 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog who enjoys detection training, obedience, playing flirt pole, and most of all running just being a dog. Dante is a loyal dog who is shaping up to be a wonderful companion. He loves his family and when he sees “his people” he expresses the joy he feels by smiling with all his front teeth showing, butt and tail wiggling all around. We affectionately call it his “mean face.” When Dante was 7 months old, our veterinarian heard a heart murmur. We quickly scheduled a cardiologist appointment and found out it was a congenital condition that caused a valve in his heart to be more narrow than normal. My family and I were terrified that his young life would be cut short. We were so thankful and relieved to get the news that he is expected to live a normal life with no exercise restrictions. I know that our time together isn’t guaranteed, so we make sure that every day is truly the best day!