Darbi and Bogeu

High Flying

More: Bogey is an excellent farm dog. He helps us Care for chickens, cats, goats and his older sister Darbi by day. And keeps our feet warm by night. Bogey is out official greeter and is willing to do anything for a treat! Bogey is a super sweet pup from a rescue in KY who pulled pups and dogs from high kill shelters. He is one one amazing boy! Darbi is one sweet girl. She has been through a lot in her life but enjoys every minute of it. She makes us laugh every day and is just the sweetest! Don't get me wrong.... Her "Dobermaness"comes out on occasion, but what a kind soul she is. When she was younger she loved agility and rally obedience classes. Today she still helps taking care of all the other critters, camping and sleeping on the couch.