Life is Good

More: Darrel acquired the disease of degenerative myelopathy, like human ALS. He couldn’t use his rear legs but tried so hard to keep living. He soon lost his battle with DM on April 5, 2021. He was the most loving dog and companion. Our bedrooms are upstairs, and Darrel always slept with me. I bought a fold out couch and slept with him on it for months until he crossed the rainbow bridge, I still can’t leave the couch. He would make certain sounds for different needs. I hand fed him. I kept him clean and always had water by the couch. He was one of a kind. He would cuddle with our tiny 3 year old granddaughter and wrap his front legs around her, or put his head or paw on her always touching. I know he is no longer in pain. I miss him every day.