Sonoran Desert Sunrise

More: Dash is full of unpredictable energy & excitement. He is however, incredibly predictable when it comes to the sunrise. You can be assured that you will never miss the beauty of the crisp morning air, the first song bird or a glorious sunrise, again. Sleeping in is no longer an option for Dash. Nor for anyone else in the house. Not since Dash’s arrival in June 2019. Dash was rescued in Katy, TX & was transported to me at the AZ/MX border after first home in CO. did not work out for him. It has been our blessing ever since. Dash is inquisitive & intelligent. He is loving & loyal. He can be stubborn as a mule, at times but his wonderful quirkiness compliments & completes our “pack”. I am thankful every day for the blessing that is our “Texan”, Dash & to Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue. Their saving Dash’s life was just the beginning of an incredible story. The “tail” continues each day. 🐾💙🐕