Dawn(Liver) and Chief (Black)

Momma and her boy after a long day of playing on a cold winter morning ♥️

More: Everyone meet Dawn and Chief. Dawn had a litter of puppies on July 24th and two days later I lost the father of the litter. He escaped out of the air conditioning window and got hit by a car while we were away. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I couldn’t even believe it was real. After that day I told myself I needed to keep one of his boys so I could have a piece of him with me always. Chief has been a perfect addition to our family and we’re so thankful to have him. Dawn was a great mother to all of her babies but her and Chief bounded the most. Chief also has a heart shaped spot on his right shoulder and I always have said that Jäger put it there so we’d know to pick him. ♥️