Mom, pretty please gimme the stick back!!

More: Deklan is the goofiest pup you will ever meet. He drinks water out of our cups when we’re not looking, steals mom’s scrunchies from the bathroom counter, and howls when we’re eating just because he wants a bite. I (Katelyn) recently had a very scary encounter along one of our walks. Deklan was off leash and a strange man approached me with his vehicle. I felt incredibly unsafe and called Dek over quickly. The pup (4 months old at the time) came right by my side, felt I was in danger, and immediately started barking telling the man it was not okay to get any closer. The man sped off as soon as Dek warned him. I truly feel if I didn’t have my furry companion by my side, I would be in the back of that strange man’s vehicle. I am proud of Deklan for knowing when it’s okay to be a goofball and when he needs to be a protector.