Devon Leigh

Sweet Pea Devon Leigh

More: Devon and her siblings were dumped in the woods of Mississippi as puppies. She lived as a feral dog for the first two years of her life. She became pregnant and was trapped, rescued and shipped up north to Pennsylvania. I met her shortly after she was weaned from her puppies, spayed and undergoing heartworm treatment. I knew she would have a hard time finding and keeping a home. I was going through a hard time emotionally and thought we could heal together. It took nine months for her to take food out of my hand without running away and a year to learn sit. She now knows several commands verbally and via sign! She's gained 10 pounds of needed muscle and is very healthy. She now dances for her walks and meals! Still wary of strangers and new dogs, but loves her owner, neighbors and trusted dog friends. She's also been a very calm foster sister to many dogs in need! She is case in point that EVERY dog deserves a home and a chance!